Sarasota High School

Sarasota, Florida

Class Of 1960

40 Year Reunion

Saturday, October 28th


We continued here...

Mildred [Walker] Moss, Lydia [Vihlen] Freed, Olympia [Zacchini] Keeler,
 Marty Norton, Billie Jo [Herring] Barth, Iris DuBois


Janice [Birdsong] and Don Rowe

Hot buffet... scrumpcious!

Winkie [DuQuesnay] Engles, Susan Brooksbank,
 Jim and  Meg [Zimmerman] Reed


?????, Bucky Hibbs, Randy McKean

Gail [Wilder] Owen, Peggy [Fay] Potter, Joyce Hibbs

Joe and Gail [Wilder] Owen

Fred Engels ('59), Tom & Sandy [Whitton]('59) Klein

Larry and Rosie [Giles] Kintz

Jeanne and Phil Wallace Phillips

Jean and John Rhoades

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