Betty Barnett Berg

I have not left Sarasota except for 6 months in 1960, I have been here all along.

I have 2 children Tom "Buzz" Morse who works for the phone company and Nancy Singer a massage therapist, both of whom also have lived the whole life here.  They have given me 4 lovely grandchildren.  One granddaughter who lives in Tampa and going to school there. Number 2 granddaughter is in Tallahassee and going to school. Number 3 a grandson is in Jacksonville where he is working with his father, and number 4 grandson is in here in Sarasota and going to SHS (class of 2011).

I have over the years been active with the American Red Cross as a water safety instructor and following in my mentors footsteps became the Director of Safety for the Sarasota Chapter for 7 years, Girl Scouts and Boy scouts, in addition to Ringling Redskins.  From there I went back to school since my children chose not to further there education and at the Sarasota County Vo-Tech I became a  Licensed Practical Nurse.  After having worked at Sarasota Memorial Hospital for 7 years, I went to work for the Kennedy-White Orthopaedic Center and will complete my 20th year with them Sept. 2010.

My hobbies over the years have been my yard, and reading when I have the time.  I have been on a bowling league and travel quiet a bit with my former airline employee husbands. We traveled to Germany, Italy and some of the areas in that part of the world, and Japan.  In addition we traveled through out the wonderful land of our own , America.  For men years we would go to New England were my in laws lived for cool summer vacations.  For several years we took cruses over the New Years Holidays to get away from the house and just relax and bring in the new year.
My sister moved to Denver 2 years out of high school and has practiced in a dental office  as a chair side assistant and office manager her whole career.

Five years ago I lost my father and 3 years ago I lost my mother. I miss them dearly.

Currently I am married to Charlie Berg. Formerly from Minn. he moved to Sarasota with his family 17 years ago.  He lost his wife several years ago and we were introduced by Carol Cowan and her husband.  He was a blind date and I am so happy to have met him.  His is a wonderful man, husband, and friend.  He currently works at Publix and enjoys all the ladies and especially the children.  Some of the children have to say "Hi" to Mr. Charlie both before shopping and again before leaving the store.  He has 4 children, many grandchildren and even great grandchildren.  I hope you have a chance to meet him.