Susi Buchman Cutter

Since I left for NYC soon after graduation, I haven't, unfortunately, kept up with anyone. Sooo, to fill in the blanks.....I graduated from Katharine Gibbs Secretarial in '61 and worked in advertising in NYC for 1 1/2 years.

One of my first roommates was Nancy Head...(yes, Head of sports equipment). I missed the warm weather so moved to Miami...worked on the beach in advertising and for Eastern Steamship...and lived with Ginny Banks for a few months.

Met the love of my life in a neighborhood tavern and we were married 4 weeks later (Jan. '63), so Ginny lost her roommate!! Dick was in flight school (Embry Riddle)......then had to "build" hours to be hired by an we moved 13 times in 3 years...across the country with a baby and usually 1-2 days notice!!!!! Every move was a step up...his boss would sell the plane he was flying and Dick would convince the new owner that he was going to need a pilot to go with his new plane! He finally had enough hours and was hired by Northeast (Yellowbirds)...they merged with Delta in the 70's and we ended up back in Miami.

We have 2 grandchildren as they have not found the love of their life!! Our eldest flies for American out of Miami, but lives in Orlando... (Rick - 46) and Pete - 42 runs the theater at Oglethorpe Univ. in Atlanta.

Through Dick's career we have had the opportunity to travel... Europe... several times (Pete lived in Spain for a year), Scandinavia, Mexico, Alaska, many Caribbean cruises ...planned more traveling, BUT got into golf and RVing!! Belong to the Swinging Golfers (!!!!) ...RVers who enjoy golf...have 6 - 10 rallies a year which is why we won't be at the reunion...we are hosting a rally in Ga. in Oct. Anyone who has a motor home and plays golf would enjoy our group...let me know!!!!!

Before the golf interest, we were into sailing....had a 44' CSY that we chartered for 7 years... was going to say I was a stay-at-home mom, BUT chartering was a TON of work!! (so went back to reading novels and eating bon-bons)!! The other reason we quit traveling as much is due to a life-threatening car accident we had in '90. Were hit by a drunk driver at 2 p.m. a mile from the house. Dick was air-lifted to Jackson Memorial...not expected to make it there in time...nor expected to live through the first week.

Fortunately, he did!!!! Amazing his docs by returning to work 8 months later. They didn't think he'd drive again, much less fly. BUT we were both banged up pretty good, so taking life easy!! So except for drunk drivers and killer hurricanes (Andrew tore our house apart 6 months after major re-modeling!!) , we have had a wonderful life...and hope it continues for awhile longer!!!!

Sorry we will miss the reunion, but hope to hear from many of you that I have lost touch with.