Judy Chase Schwanz

I have enjoyed reading all the stories from high school. I have to laugh about Simon Rosin, the angel? at St Martha's school. Yvonne Gurbada's stories about Mrs. Self were great. I was not good at sewing either. I remember Mrs. clement & putting the erasers on the old heater. The cannon story was also memorable.

I still live in Sarasota. I  see Jerry Hinton, Gary Knuckles, Charlie Borza, Ted & Bob Gallo, as I play in the Men's golf game, 3 times a week at Rolling Green Golf Course. I was rather shy in high school. I won several golf tournaments back then, including the state high school tournament & Florida amateur. I played for a year on the boys golf team. I am glad that every high school has a girls golf team now.

After graduation I won two golf scholarships , one to Florida State and the other to Rollins College. I also had a third choice of moving to the island of Aruba with my family. I chose Aruba where my father was employed by Lago Oil as their Golf Professional. I hooked up with the Maduro Travel Agency. They paid for all my travel expenses, all over South America, to play golf. It was quite a life. I met & danced with Chi Chi Rodriquez & Roberto Divencenzo, who both when on to be top PGA players. By this time I was not that shy and naive girl from high school.

I came back to the states and played on the LPGA golf Tour for a year. I soon found out that it was not the life I wanted. I met my first husband, Bill Coates who owned Sarasota Cash Register. We had three sons & I was a stay at home Mom for several years. In 1974 I divorced Bill.

I went back to school (MCC) where I took courses in building construction, planning etc. I was hired by Manatee county planning & Development, where I worked for ten years.

I met my second husband Pete Schwanz, on the golf course. We were married in 1980.In 1981, I quit the county & started my own business(Permit Service Inc.) I sold it in 1989 & retired. My husband also quit the insurance business & he and his partner sold Yellow Cab.

We traveled for awhile and did some charitable work in Nicaragua & Costa Rica. I obtained a pilot's license and had a close call about 15 years ago and quit flying.

My older son Phil, graduated from Brock University, in Canada and works in administration for a large poultry company. My middle son Dave works for Alamo car rental. My youngest son lives in Tampa. I have two grandchildren, Anika & Dean who are in Canada.

I have a wonderful life and consider myself fortunate to have been able to live in the same area that I went all through school in. My husband and I are still playing golf. We are currently involved in an early intervention program for autistic children in Manatee & Sarasota County.

We are looking forward to the reunion.

Pete and Judy

Judy and sister Nancy