Vann Cleveland

After graduation, I went into the Army and was assigned to Ft. Myer Va., where I met my wife who was also in the Army. I went to Vietnam for 13 months, and when I got home, and got out, I decided I had better go to school and use my G.I. benefits. Carol and I got married after my first semester and have been married for 43 years. I graduated from Embry-Riddle Aerounital University, in Daytona Beach, with a B.S. in Management, and went to St. Louis to work for McDonnell-Douglas Aero Space.

After a few years we moved back to Clearwater and lived there for about 15 years. Carol had worked for J.C. Penny since we had been married and she was coming up on 20 years with Penny's. She felt like it was time to move on and we happened to see an add in the St. Pete Times for federal jobs. She went for an interview but like all government jobs it takes forever. She got a call to come to Washington D.C. for an extended interview and secured a position. I had a college friend who was personal director for a service authority in northern Virginia and ask me if I was interested. I said yes, since Carol had decided to accept the job, also in Northern Virginia.

We sold our house in Clearwater. Carol and I and our son Jeffery moved to the D.C.- Baltimore area. We bought a house in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia (Shepherdstown), about 60 miles from D.C and 60 miles from Baltimore, and lived there until retirement.

We had been looking for a place about half way between the D.C. area and Florida to retire. Carol didn't want to be on the cost because of storms, and I wanted to be on water for recreation. We decided on McCormick, SC on Lake Thurmond and we love it here. Shepherdstown, in West Virginia, was a small town and McCormick is even smaller. We also like it because it is close to Augusta, Ga. and we have two VA hospitals as well as the Army hospital at Fort Gordon. I understand why people like South Carolina, the warmth and hostility are unmatchable.

Well, as the County Song says "That's the Story of my Life". I am looking forward to seeing you all at the reunion. I have a friend who is a year older than me, and he went to two 50 year reunions last year. He said his experience was just a lot of old people standing around (LOL). I'm sure we can do better than that.

I have included a picture of Carol and I, taken this year for the Church Directory in McCormick.

Best Regards to all and look forward to seeing all of you.