Dick Coble

My working career always involved cars.  I got hooked on drag racing (legal) when I attended my first race in 1958.  To further my racing knowledge I went to work part time during my senior year at a shop run by a drag racer, who was also a highly skilled mechanic.  After working there part time I decided I really enjoyed working on cars and continued learning the trade through what amounted to an apprenticeship.  This included taking many tech and management courses.  I first worked as a mechanic and then a shop manager.  I later ran my own shop for 20+ years doing general repair and specializing in classic and high performance cars.
I continued drag racing for 42 years.  I won a lot of races and a few championships, traveled the eastern US where I met many talented and interesting people from all over North America.
I have a daughter, Sherri, from my first marriage and a 4 year old grandson, Dylan. I still live in Sarasota with my wife Lesley.  We have been married for 28 years and enjoy traveling, snow skiing, attending motorsports events and football games.  We race in amateur ski racing and during the 2009/2010 season we both qualified for the National Championships.
All and all it has been a real good 50 years.  One day I'm graduating from SHS and next I'm going to my 50 year reunion!