Marshall K DuBois

My Life So Far...

My life since high school has been interesting to say the least.  Education, traveling, business, marriage and family are among my many adventures.  Let me go back...


Nope... too far back.

Still too far.


Ahhh... there we go.  This is how I was known at SHS.  My trustee Cushman "Box".  I was a Nerd long before it became in vogue.  If you can read the Bill of Sale I paid $115.  Some bargain, huh?

I was also known as a...  well, the photo speaks for itself.  (I really, really enjoyed Sailor Circus.)

I was pretty bored after graduation so after a year I joined the Navy and really did see the world.  It was a wonderful time and after my 6 year hitch I returned to Sarasota.

My business career was varied and interesting.  I never had a job I didn't like but found myself looking for something I liked more.  I started out with EMR in the Production Department.  At the same time I worked a night shift with the South Trail Area Fire Control District.

Opportunities took me into special purpose vehicle manufacturing, retail grocery, association management, aluminum windows and finally in 1984 I founded my own little computer company.

In addition to the joy of owning my own business, I met and married my best friend and soul-mate.  You'll recall I spoke of adventure?  She is it! (And she's qualified for sainthood for marrying me)

I began by writing custom software as  the company evolved into a niche... serving very small businesses. I was "the IT Guy" for many Mom 'N Pop shops.  Great clients and great fun.  I could hardly wait to go to work every day.

In 2005, after 22 wonderful years, I retired in order to devote time to family and special projects I longed to do.  I love reunions and I spend a lot of time organizing them.

I also have things to do around the house and I try to get them done quickly.

Oh yeah, the Navy thing.

I'm very active in my Navy ship's association.  We have annual reunions and it's a joy to get to see many of the guys I served with.

Each Fall, 20 or so of us travel to Charleston, SC to volunteer aboard the USS LAFFEY (DD 724), a museum ship that is very much like the ship we served on. We eat and sleep aboard, do maintenance and gawk at the ladies.  Pretty much what we did when we were actually in the Navy.

I can hardly wait for the next adventure to begin!  And... I look forward to seeing you at our 50 year reunion.  I'll be the guy wearing the sailor hat.

My Best to each of you!



On February 4, 2015, one week after her 70th birthday, 11,925 days* after we wed, Iris un-expectedly passed away. There is nothing that can prepare you for the loss of a spouse. Nothing. I am privledged to have shared my life with this extraordinary woman.
* 32yr 7mo 23da