Peggy Fay Potter

JUNE - graduation! JULY - I married Ron Potter, Class of 1959, who joined the Navy and we lived in Sanford, Florida, for a few years and then returned to Sarasota. We started a family and had a daughter and son and now have five grandchildren.

I worked as a dental assistant for six years and then changed professions. I have been a legal secretary since I was 24 and still work part time. Ron and I were married 39 years when he died in 1999 at age 58. He coached little league and high school football and baseball for 30 years in Sarasota, so I went to a lot of ballgames. We took a lot of camping and boating vacations, several cruises and some memorable trips to Hawaii, Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls (Canada side), Jamaica, and took our son to Hawaii for his graduation present.

I do have a unique personal story. I will make it as brief as possible but there are a lot of interesting details. I always knew I was adopted at age 2 and knew my birth mom lived in Texas. The year after my mother died, I located my mom and found out that I had three half-brothers and three half-sisters and their families, all in Texas. Ron and I flew there 16 years ago on a Thanksgiving weekend to meet them all for the first time and it was as though I had always known them. We keep in touch and travel back and forth. My mom told me my natural dad lived in Ohio and I did visit him several times before he died and have another half-sister and half-brother and also keep in touch. So from being an only child, I have a loving, extended family of four sisters and four brothers.

My other "special friends" are my girlfriends from school - about 10 to 12 of us get together once a month for lunch and have a Christmas dinner every year. I am thankful for my part time job, my children, grandchildren, new-found family and my special friends.

Even though it has been 50 years - I still like to dance to the "Golden Oldies" and sit in the sun just like old time at Lido Beach.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion!