Carol Foreman Whaley


There are too many details to innumerate about my life which has been full of excitement and sometimes not, with “ups and downs” in many ways.  My “ups” included seeing much of the world in the flying business that my now-deceased husband and I operated--he as maintenance / flight engineer and me as a flight attendant--and the births of 4 children and 4 grandchildren.  My “downs” included outliving four of my loved ones:  two children and two spouses.

I have had many opportunities in my life and some I would change and some I would never change. I presently live in a beautiful small community in the mountains of NC/SC (Tryon) on a lake—an area that feels like Sarasota used to feel like—friendly and quaint. I am still employed and work with an organization that offers life-changing care to people from around the world.

For recreation, I ride horses and hike on innumerable trails in the area, swim and canoe on the lake I live on and travel whenever possible to see children, grandchildren and siblings and their families, as well as visit parts of the world I did not see while in the flying business.  I moved here in 1989 and brought two horses to the area which is a major horse community. So, I ride on the many trails developed for the community to enjoy. I attend horse shows and the local annual steeplechase. My horses have since moved on to pastures in the sky, but I plan to get a couple more when I finally retire.

I don’t have a copy of my graduation photo because my yearbooks were drowned in a flooded storage garage in a Sarasota flood back in the late 1980s. Therefore, I have attached a picture of me when I was 16.  Also, a recent picture of me on a boat on the lake where I live and a picture with a view from the all-glass wall of my house that looks on the lake and the mountains surrounding the lake. Kids and grandkids photos are so numerous that I will bring some with me at the reunion.

By the way, visitors welcome!

Looking forward to the reunion! Life has been so full and fast-paced that I cannot believe that we are about to celebrate 50 years since we graduated!!