Cindy Friedman Clark

After graduation from SHS I became a "student" (I use the term loosely) at Florida State and roomed with Pat Metcalf (something she'd probably like to forget). The only thing I learned at FSU was how to play bridge and didn't even do that very well at that so I decided rather than waste anymore of my parents' money I would enter the working world.

I moved to Boston in 1962, and shared an apartment with Winkie duQuesnay and Apple Kinney, along with another roommate from Connecticut, and worked at a small savings bank in Harvard Square, Cambridge. Those were fun times. What a great town Boston is especially when you are 20-21 and single.

Returned to Sarasota after realizing that my talents were not valuable enough to get paid a salary equal to what it cost to live in Boston. After that I moved to Atlanta and had a short banking career there finally returning to Sarasota in 1966, where I have stayed ever since.

I met my husband, Rod MacLeod, upon my return to Sarasota, and we married in 1968. We had 3 wonderful children, who, along with my grandchildren, are my reason for living. Sadly we lost Rod to cancer in 2006.

I have since married again, to Dick Clark. Okay, quit chuckling.....No, obviously not THAT Dick Clark, but a lovely man who had been my neighbor and who lost his wife just 4 days after Rod passed away. Long story/short, we married in Oct. 2007.

Both of my daughters, Tracey, 40, and Laura, 36, are married and have given me 5 terrific grandchildren. My handsome son Michael, 33, is still unmarried and is a general contractor in Sarasota.

We spend most of our time in Sarasota (currently in Osprey) but have a summer home in Cashiers, NC, where we enjoy the cool summers months and enjoy trips to visit members of Dick's family in the Midwest and larger family in New England each summer. I am fortunate to have 2 of my children living in Sarasota. Life is good.

I enjoy keeping up with old friends and look forward to seeing each and every one of you in Oct.