Daniel Garvey


It is very difficult to put together 50 years in a very few lines.  I will do my best.

After high school I hung around Sarasota and worked for Sarasota Federal and National  Bank of Sarasota.  I was part of the group that got New college to come to Sarasota.  I ended up getting my AA degree from MJC and went on to Florida State and graduated in 1967 with a degree in Marketing and Management.  I used to see Jimmy Reed on Campus back then. 

After graduation I join Vick Chemical Company and lived in Chicago and Rock Island.  While in Chicago I ran into one of our old classmate Jimmy Dubose who left Sarasota after our 10th grade.  I was in a bar in Old town having a beer and someone called out my name to my surprise. 

After one year in the Midwest and the cold winter I went to  Jacksonville with a company called Chapstick.  Carol Sullivan was working for Delta and she said she had someone she wanted me to meet.  Low and behold 40 years, 2 kids and 2 grandchildren and we are still together.  Thank you Carol. 

I was on the fast track to upper management and I became National Account Manager and in charge of all the PX's on all the military bases in the U.S.  I traveled the US from coast week in and week out. 

In 1970, I was in New York City calling on Woolworth and W.T. Grant  and that night I decided to walk down Broadway and stopped in a bar to have a drink.  Once again I heard my name  being yelled from a another part of the bar and who do you think would know me but Yvonne Gurbada and friends having a drink.  After 3 years of roving the US my wife decided I needed to stay home.  We went back to Jacksonville and I went to work for Shulton makers of old Spice,  It was a division of American Cyanamid. They were big into consumer products.

In 1987 all the big pharmaceutical houses decided to get out of consumer product so they started downsizing.  Not good for me.  They got out of fine perfumes, Formica, Pine Sol and combac, Breck hair spray, and then Old Spice.  All this time I was going from one division to another trying to hold on.  The only thing Cyanamid had left was the medical field and had one opening in Naples. 

We were living in Daytona.  My daughter was a junior and my son was a freshman and their father was going into a field that I knew nothing about at 50. 

We moved and in 1995 Cyanamid sold Lederle to Wyeth and things changed again. Promoted to hospital Rep in St. Pete and we moved to Tampa. 

After 31 years I retired in 2002 and I am glad I did.  I now enjoy my two grandkids and both my kids and we all live in the Daytona Area. 

Life has been a great ride and the fifty years have gone by too fast.