Joan Harris Kellett

I went off to the University of Florida in the fall of 60.  I graduated with a degree in history and teaching credentials in secondary education.  I married and had two daughters, Anne and Amy. In my early married years, I had fun going back to SHS and even Riverview where I did a lot of substitute teaching.  All our old teachers at SHS welcomed me back with open arms and it was kind of fun taking their classes.  I took Mrs. Proctor’s classes for two months—with the help of Mr. Russell—and taught typing II when I had never learned to type—physics was more important back in those days, my parents seemed to think!!  It was fun being in the teacher’s lounge and being treated as an equal.

I was married for 14 years; then found myself needing a job to raise my daughters.  No teaching jobs available during that time so off to vocational school I went.  I became a court reporter and worked in Bradenton as a deputy official for almost 10 years.  During that time I met my second husband Bruce.  He convinced me to “retire” from the court reporting, which I did.  We had fun traveling and sailing.  We took his 37 foot sailboat to the Bahamas for two months which was quite an experience.  We had help taking the boat across the gulfstream to Nassau area, but the two of us brought it back alone.  I never was so glad to see the shores of Miami in my life.  Bruce was a great sailor and honed his skills on Lake Michigan but I was a novice and like the shore within my eyesight.  Sold that boat and then got a 19 foot daysailer which we raced out of the Sailing Squadron.  Sadly,  Bruce was stricken with Pick’s disease, a type of dementia, and he passed away last year.  An advertising  executive in Chicago, he created the Nestle Quik bunny and lots of ads we watched on tv in the 60’s and 70’s.

My two daughters are married.  Anne lives in Sarasota with her husband John.  They have four children:  Ryan (26), Logan (23), Lindsey(19) and Abbey (7).  Amy and Trevor live in Mass.  I try to get up there twice a year to visit.  They have me all over New England seeing new sights.

Bruce and I did a lot of traveling in the U.S. visiting his children in Seattle, San Diego and Chicago.  We also traveled in Europe until it became too hard to get away.  At home he was involved in many phases of art, while I took care of some small duplexes which I have had for years.
I have enjoyed working on the reunion committee for 30 years. Hard to believe it is now our 50th.  Looking forward to seeing all of you in Oct.!!