Mikey Harris Bayer

On January 1, 1964 I dropped out of Manatee Junior College --- and with Jean Thomas and her brother, Don, left Sarasota to chase my dream of making my mark as a professional in the music business. Since then, forthe past forty-six years, I've never looked back and have been living my dream.

Over the years, I have had the extraordinary opportunity of working with some of the best in the entertainment industry. Some of them, who were "legends in their own time," graciously became my mentors and most treasured friends. With Jean and a gal named Ellie Greenwich (who wrote "Chapel of Love" and "Be My Baby, " etc.) I sang back-up, on hit records and commercials, while continuing to write my original songs (thanks "Merrymen" for helping me on my way by recording my song, "Too Young For Years"). I became a record producer (also a childhood dream) when there were only four other female "professional and getting paid for it" record producers in the country. My goal was to quickly get my own songs released nationally. It worked! In 1964, when I was a solo recording artist, Epic Records changed the spelling of my name from "Mikey" (as I was known at SHS) to "Mikie." They said it was to keep folks from calling me "Mickey," as in mouse (THE famous one)! That spelling still stands today!

Since, according to my father, I had "majored in activities" at SHS, I eventually made him proud by going back to school and earning both a BA in Music (at age 39) and a Masters Degree in Communication Arts (at age 56). But, these days I am most proud of my certification to teach K-5 and Students With Disabilities. This is something I have been doing for inspiration on and off since 2003 as we pursue my newest dream, a project called "Ms. Mikie's Magic Music Box " --- an interactive, music-based, internet show for kids. Currently, I am in the process of studying on-camera acting, as well as writing, performing, and producing original songs for an album that will be part of the show.

In spite of the above, it goes without saying, that my most favorite role in life has been being called "Mom" by 5 fabulous kids --- 4 human (three sons and one daughter) + their "little sister," a 7 lb. wonder dog named "Sisi." I also have a terrific grandson, a wonderful daughter-in-law and son-in-law + 2 grand-dogs, "Petey" and "Mr. Wrinkles" (who set the kitchen on fire last Christmas). But, the "glue" that holds all of this together, including me, is the undisputed "Chief of All Chiefs," a guy named Richard Bayer (my husband and business partner), who has always stuck by me and never tried to change me in all of our almost 25 years of wedded bliss!