Robert Hollister

Brief Bio for Bob Hollister

Sep., 1960 - Aug, 1964: Gainesville, FL (mostly)
UF in Gainesville - BS (honors) in Mathematics.
Worked the last 2 summers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Sep., 1964 – Sep., 1966: Berkeley, California (mostly)
M.A. in Mathematics in June 1966. Travelled with a German graduate student through 26 states and 4 provinces on my way back to Sarasota.
He was a birdwatcher and since then birdwatching has been a major theme of my travels.

Oct., 1966 – Dec., 1967: Roxbury, MA
Peace Corps training in a ghetto – Fascinating!

Jan., 1967 – August, 1967: Fugar (via Agenbode) in Midwest State of Nigeria
Taught Maths in secondary school and loved it. From this experience I found that teaching was the career for me. The Biafran War came.

Sep., 1967 – Jan., 1969: Siakago, Kenya
Taught Maths again and became a Boy Scout Troop leader. Also visited Uganda and Tanzania.

Feb., 1969 – Dec. 1969: travelling home
Ethiopia, Oman, Pakistan, India, Ceylon, India Nepal, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Guinea, Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan

Dec., 1969 – Sep., 1970:
After a couple of months at my parent’s home, I got a job as an Audubon Warden in Corkscrew Wildlife Sanctuary (between Naples and Immokalee, FL). After 6 months I got a job as an Instructor of Math at Talladega College.

Sep., 1970 – Aug., 1977: Talladega, AL. (mostly)
Taught there for 6 of the next 7 years. Took off July 1973 to July 1974 for a leave of absence and travelled in Central and South America (Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Peru). When I returned, I had been promoted to Assistant Professor. Eventually decided to get a Ph.D. With Chris Hagar’s help I chose the University of Montana.

Aug., 1977 – Aug. 1985: Missoula, MT (mostly)
Seven fun-filled years to get my Ph.D. One extra year as a Visiting Professor at UM.

Aug., 1985 – Aug., 1990: Oshkosh, WI (mostly)
Taught at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh for 4 good years and spent the summers back in Montana. Left UWO (my not very smart choice) and unemployed for a year. (mostly in Montana)

Aug., 1990 – Aug., 1994: Fairbanks, AK (my 50th state)
Taught in the Statistics Math department at UAF. Did not get tenure (I am not a researcher).

Aug., 1994 – present: Jacksonville, FL (mostly)
Bought my first home in 2000. Among my travels are Galapagos Islands and Antarctica.