Denise Horn Watermeier

Chalk up another one for the University of Florida!

After graduating from UF with a degree in Accounting, I relocated to Rochester, New York and worked for Xerox Corporation until I took early retirement in 1996. The great thing about working for a large Corporation is that I had many different jobs within finance ranging from billing, to accounting policy, to taxes all without moving or losing friends. Note that I retired before the Xerox stock fell.

I met my husband at Xerox though he was from McLean, Virginia. He too worked in finance at Xerox. Dick and I have been married for 40 years. We enjoy travel and have been all over the world -- as much as our vacations allowed.

Upon retirement, we moved to Sarasota. The object was to get out of the cold and snow and get some sunshine. We have a condo on Golden Gate Point where I was President of the Association for the last three years. We just completed the redesign of our street. If you haven’t seen Golden Gate Point lately, it’s worth a look.

Dick & I have been blessed in many ways throughout our lives. We know that God watches over us and we are active in the Lutheran Church.

During my years in Rochester, I lost track of my classmates. (The 45th Reunion was my first.) I am looking forward to the 50th and am working on the committees to help organize it.