Dawn Iorii Archibald

After SHS I had a very brief college experience at FSU and Manatee Jr. College.

I left college for an opportunity to travel. I worked for Delta Airlines in Atlanta; started in reservations. After a short time it seems I was in the right place at the right time as Delta was beginning to computerize. Since Atlanta was the head office, they started there with computer training and then sent us around the country to train those in other offices on how to use the new system. This was a wonderful time for me and I enjoyed the travel and the people I met.

Back in Atlanta I met my husband to be, Frank Archibald. (came to dinner at my sister's house) He was working and saving money to return to school in England, although he is American. Once he left to return to university, he apparently couldn't live without me and asked me to join him in Cambridge, England! We were married there in 1970 and spent three years there before returning home. The time has flown past and we just celebrated our 40th anniversary.!

We have one son, Steven, who lives in Boston. We are not lucky enough to have any grandchildren - YET -, but we keep hoping. Steven is now 33 and works as an engineer for General Electric Jet Engine Division in Boston. We love to visit him there.

We have been lucky to be able to continue traveling and have spent several weeks in Italy the past two years where Frank teaches a course in Florence.
This year we added on two weeks in Russia and loved it. Last year we added on two weeks in the South of France, also wonderful.

We love living here in State College, PA where Frank teaches and does research for the Navy at Penn State University. I am retired and loving it after working at many different things over the years; primarily office related and my own desk top publishing business for a number of years.

The winters here are brutal so we try to head to warmer climes to break up the cold stretch.

I certainly look forward to seeing everyone in October.