Madge Kempton Fleece

Hereterinaryis is so hard to put 50 years of living into a few short paragraphs!!

I graduated from FSU with my degree in nursing, am married to Dave, my soul mate, whom I met the summer I graduated from SHS. We have three wonderful children and eight grandchildren. Our oldest son married a girl from Bradenton he met at Emory Univ...hence that explains why we are here. He is an attorney, primarily health care, if you need a good one! Our other son is in Atlanta where we lived 20+ years on a farm, raising horses, dogs, and goats .You should see me fill a bucket up with milk! I used to be able to lift a hay bale! He works in the telecom industry. Our daughter is in Durham, NC busily nurturing her three small children. She is a Dr. of veterinary medicine, but has put that aside for awhile.

I guess you can tell I am so proud of my kids. Caring for my family was my first priority, but I did manage to work those 20 years in Atlanta at Emory Univ Hospital as an orthopedic nurse, 12hr/ weekend nurse. Since being in Florida, I've worked with hospice, surgery centers, and hospitals. I hope I am retired for good now! My hobbies now are kayak fishing, photography, and watercolor painting when I am not with the grandkids! I am thankfully in pretty good health, since I can still get and out of the kayak.... only arthritis in my hands slows me down.

I am looking forward to the reunion with the appreciation of name tags, big enough for us "old timers" to read. Can't wait to see everybody.