Isabelle Kurjack Purden

It is not easy to sum up the past fifty years of your life! But, here goes…
 Married = 50 years Sept. 24th
 Children = 4, (3 sons and a daughter)
 Grandchildren = 8, (4 boys and 4 girls) 
 Great-grands = 3 boys
 Career = Education 26 yrs. And Portrait painting
 Hobbies = Painting, Photography and Travel 
   I wanted to travel when I graduated from high school, so I married a young airman who was being sent to Bermuda.  Well, travel we did, for 25 years.  Somehow, during that time, I earned a degree from the Univ. of Texas, (Hook-em Horns!) Got another degree from the Univ. of Central FL.  Then we retired to Melbourne, FL. where I taught middle school and my husband worked at Kennedy Space Center.
    But, I still love to travel. Once, I flew in a helicopter over Niagra Falls and flew in another one into the Grand Canyon. So… I took a flying lesson. After my lesson, I decided it would be impossible for me to learn to fly, because all I want to do is look around at the scenery below, and take photos of it, then paint it.
    In some of my travels, I’ve climbed the ruins in Cancun, seen the Blue Danube, the Eiffel Tower, the Coliseum in Rome, wept at the Arizona Memorial in Hawaii, (We’re going back to Hi. in Sept.) I’ve toured the White House (incl. the West Wing), etc.  So, needless to say, I’ve got stacks of CDs filled with photos from so many places. Then there are even more stacks of CDs filled with photos of my wonderful grandchildren! Thank heaven for digital photography.
    Notice I haven’t mentioned who made all this possible; my dear husband of 50 years, Bob Purden. I gotta confide that he is from our rival school Manatee High.  But… we are both looking forward to the big reunion in October.  MY MOTTO: Keep moving and Father Time will never catch up with you.