Bobbie Jean Lewis Albritton  

Two weeks after graduation I began working for General Telephone Company of Florida in the Business Office. A year later I married Wallace Albritton (class of 1958). Next year we celebrate our 50th anniversary. We have two children our son, Daryl, 44 years of age. He lives in Denton, Texas with his family. He has a 17 year old daughter. Our daughter, Deanne Gutzler, 42 years of age lives here in St. Louis with her family. She has two children a son, 18 years old and a daughter 15 years old.

When our children were small, Wallace felt the call to go into the ministry. We sold our home and moved to Dothan, Alabama. He attended Florida Baptist Theological College in Graceville, Florida. He pastored a church in North Florida while he was in school. After graduation we moved to Mobile, Alabama and he pastored a church outside of Mobile. We eventually went back to Dothan for Wallace to get another degree from the college and he then pastored a church in Dothan. We felt the need for even more training so we moved to Ft. Worth, Texas to attend Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. When Wallace graduated from seminary, I also received a diploma. It was called the PH. T. Award (Putting Hubby Through). He eventually received his Doctorate. He pastored churches in three cities in Texas. I was fortunate enough to always have a good job to help. While in Texas I worked for Texas Utilities Electric Company and was even able to retire there. The company was downsizing and offerred opportunity for early retirement. About 4,000 of us to took the offer. This was back in October of 1991. When Wallace retired we moved to St. Louis, Missouri to be near our daughter and her family. I worked for St. Louis Community College in the Controller's Dept. SLCC is the largest community college in Missouri.
I retired from SLCC in February of 2008. I filled in for someone on maternity leave for three months last year and will fill in for someone for a few weeks in March.

We enjoy playing golf and we enjoy the sports here in St. Louis. St. Louis is a wonderful sports town. The St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Team, the St. Louis Rams (they have had a tough year) and the Blues (hockey). When you live in St. Louis you have Cardinal fever. We look forward to seeing everyone in October.