Ted Nass

After graduation I went to New Orleans to attend Tulane University. I had a 2 year detour that began in 1962 which included 6 months in the Florida National Guard and one Semester at Manatee Junior College. I then went back to Tulane and graduated in 1965.  Shortly after I went to Tulane Law School, graduated and began practicing law in 1968.  Because of the detour in 1962 I also received my final discharge from the Army Reserve in 1968.
I married my first wife in 1967 while in Law School and had 4 children with her.  We broke up in 1981.  After three hectic years as a bachelor I met my final wife Maureen in 1984 and we married in 1992.  I got custody of my 4 children in 1984 so we ended up with 5 children living with us.  They have produced 7 grandchildren; two children have yet to produce, so we have hopes for more.  Unfortunately, the children live in 5 different states and only one lives in New Orleans, he is not married and has no kids.  We have hopes for him.

I have practiced law for about 42 years in a small law firm handling domestic relations, bankruptcy and general civil law.  While practicing law I have been actively involved in three political campaigns.  I was the campaign manager of Bob Livingston who was elected to Congress in 1977.  I spent 8 months in Washington as his Chief of Staff, a real thrill. He almost was Speaker of the House. I then managed two other winning Judgeships.  I am now a part-time Hearing Officer hearing civil service appeals, about one case a month.  I have been doing this for 13 years.  I can’t believe I’m 67 years old and officially a Geezer! See you all in October.