Phillis Pritchard

I attended Wesleyan College in Macon, GA after graduation. I liked it but I had the urge to work so came back to Sarasota and got a great job with First Federal Savings and Loan on St Armands. (still working on my degree!)  I got engaged, got pregnant, didn’t get married, had to sneak out of town, went to a home for unwed mothers and had to give the baby up for adoption. (Sign of the times back then. Glad that’s changed!)

Sandy Weber and I moved to Chicago. We got jobs and had lots of fun and then on to Denver for a while. Sandy moved back to Sarasota and I was hired by Continental Airlines in 1967 (I had wanted to be a “stewardess” and travel since I was a child) and began my 20yr career. It was so exciting! We wore hats, gloves and cute short uniforms , had girdle check and you couldn’t be married. Our company slogan was “we move our tail for you”. My how things have changed!! I was based in Denver, Los Angeles, Seattle, Guam and Boston (with Eastern). Flew Hawaii trips on the 747 when they had a lounge and entertainment. Those were the good old, fun days! Continental flew government contract flights to Okinawa, Philippines, Viet Nam (no layovers there), Japan, Thailand, Alaska and Quam. What an experience.

When the war was coming to an end in 1973 I moved to Seattle and flew to Hawaii 7 days a month. My next move was to Lake Tahoe and I commuted to Los Angeles. Flew wonderful trips to Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand. I was chosen to be an exchange flight attendant with Mt Cook Airlines in New Zealand for several weeks. My last move was to Quam. At last I could afford to rent a home with ocean view. I was there until CAL filed bankruptcy. I went to work for Eastern Airlines from 1986-88. I could see the demise of Eastern coming so I decided it was time for a change. Took an early-out option with Continental.

I went back to California, got my real estate license and went to work for a builder selling new homes for about 18 years. I received many sales awards including Sales Person of the Year.

About 9 years ago I received a call from the adoption agency. They had opened their files and my daughter had put her name on the list. I met my daughter Brenda, her husband and my new grandson on Mother’s day that year. It was wonderful. We have such a great relationship, like we have known each other forever. We are so much alike and have so much fun. I also have a stepson and a total of 6 grandkids. My daughter lives in Tennessee and I may end up there one day.

I moved back to Sarasota in 2005 to take care of my mom who passed away 2 years ago at 92. Got my Brokers license and went to work for Michael Saunders. When she closed her North Port office, I partnered with two other couples I met there and we opened our own office, Exceptional Properties Group, in 2008.

I am dating a pilot I met in 1969. I guess you could say I am recycling my men!!! Lol He has a good sense of humor.

I have had a wonderful life and have the greatest friends and family. I am busy planning my next 30 years. I am truly blessed.

Sorry if this seems too lengthy but now I’m so glad I won’t have to explain it all to everyone at the reunion. See you there!!!