Ed Quinn

Many of you know that I married my hi-school sweetie, Carole Moore, and attended FSU. We had four beautiful daughters together before we divorced after 13 years. During this time I worked in the Hotel and Restaurant business and traveled throughout the Southeast. I later married a wonderful woman, who had two daughters, and for a while we worked at raising six.

In 1983 I went into the automobile business and finally utilized my accounting education. I stayed in that field until I retired in 2007.

My wife passed away in 1998 and in 2005 I married my wonderful wife, Diane. Diane had a daughter, but she also had a son. Finally, I had a boy! (He’s 44, but he plays golf, and that’s a good thing.)

Our two youngest daughters, and our two youngest grandchildren (we have 10,) live in Ninety Six. When I retired we purchased our home on Lake Greenwood here in Ninety Six so we could be close to them.

Diane works part time with the local Chamber of Commerce and I spent the last year and a-half volunteering there. This year they have honored me by making me the president. (I’m working full time on a volunteer’s salary.)

Diane and I are looking forward to joining everyone in October