Simon Rosin

I attended U of F, MJC, graduated from FSU in 1964 and started practicing in Sarasota in 1968.  42 years and still looking for justice.  I was fortunate to have know Flo Coons (Classmate Ray "Bunny" Coons first wife) and old timer veterinarian, Dr.  Claire Butler (father of our classmate Barbara) asked me to help him and others save the Sarasota Humane Society from closing.  The buildings were old, the roof leaked and it was a bankruptcy waiting to happen.  My big mouth begging, with others (emphasis added), including assistance from the County Commission and City Commission helped save the Humane Society. The Florida Legislature passed a law allowing city commissions and county to appoint lay persons as free animal cruelty officers.  I was court appointed in the County and the city commission appointed (every Mother's dream for her son). Sometimes a deputy went with me in the county and a city policeman went with me in the city. 

I took Locksmith Pete Estes of Sarasota Lock and Key with me to unlock the doors.  Pete and his father owned Sarasota Schwinn Cyclery, where most of us purchased our first bicycle(s), on State Street across from the old police station.  Pete is the source of Jeff LaHurd's photos and some of the photos in our emails.  Pete would unlock the cruelty location and the law enforcement officer would watch me (and sometimes my mother would put young puppies or kittens in her skirt to help me carry away abandoned or mistreated litters) to insure that the criminal could not claim I stole anything.  Marty does that sound like my mother?  Dr.  Butler would examine as my expert witness and then I would prosecute the owner before old Justice of the Peace Fosler.   It was exciting especially the one time I got shot at while investigating an alleged animal cruelty case (No Dick Nelson, she was not a pretty lady and the shooter was not her husband).  Thank God I only did that for about 10 years until my first wife ordered me to stay at home and help her raise our three children our children Adam, Eve, and Seth who are two years apart. 

They all have their degrees and Seth is the smartest because he was recently married to a medical doctor. My Father was killed in an automobile accident when I was ten and my Mother attempted to instill in me that I should always do charitable acts.    Dr. Butler and one of his workers were beaten and shot numerous times.  I personally gave Sarasota Chief of Police Scott $500 as a reward fund starter and he gave me names to call to raise more money which resulted in my raising more than $5,000 for a reward fund.  They only needed $800 and the rest we used to start Crime Stoppers of Sarasota (a tips reward fund). 

Some of you may remember Dr.  Bill Wallace.  One of his wives, Donna Wallace, learned of my charitable acts and asked me to start a United Cerebral Palsy Chapter in Sarasota.  We did and it is still going strong.  I helped rezone several church sites and the some of the YMCA property.   I helped the NAACP convince one of our revolving door school superintendents not to close Booker Elementary and bus the children to other schools.  I am proud of my charitable work because it allowed me to put a little sugar back into the Sarasota Sugar Bowl.
I did the Route 66 trip after graduating in 1964 with no interstates and drove from Sarasota to California.  The Grand Canyon makes you realize we have a creator.  Then I spent 3 months train traveling all over Europe when the Iron Curtain and the Berlin wall existed.  Norway to Italy to Spain to Morocco after listening to the adventures of Bunky Bartlett's wife, Diane (before they were married), who took the same trip when she was single.   I traveled to most of our great cities but my favorite trip was to Israel.  I do not care if you are religious or not but everyone should travel to the Holy Land and spend at least three weeks there and more specifically Marshall, Jody, and Dick Nelson.

I remarried.   My wife Heather is 35 and some of you have children older than that.  The benefit is that my mother in law is younger than me so we get along.  I believe in woman's choice.  I am the wrong man to tell a woman what to do with HER body.  Last year she presented me with the lovely Ms.  Hannah Simone Rosin on August 5,2009.  Stop laughing.  Widows, widowers, and old spouses are not too old to love again and change diapers and get on the floor to play as a child again.  I am like a kid again and enjoy new fatherhood except my knees and grip could be better.  Damn arthritis!  You are never too old to love again and have fun.  Nobody needs to grow up and become a grumpy old person. I guess that makes me the oldest father with a baby from the class of 1960. 

I have no grandchildren and I now know why people brag about their grandchildren. Children and grandchildren truly are God's Gift.  My wife, Heather, recently severed some tendons in her hand and I changed diapers, changed diapers, and changed diapers for 10 weeks without assistance.  Accordingly, I am a better husband and I do not know how working single mothers do it in these tough economic times. 

I do tear up  when I go into jail cells volunteering to help those with drug problems.  I do try to save some home in mortgage foreclosures actions. This awful economy, and drugs are and have destroyed two generations yet we do nothing to police the pain doctors and the big pharma.  Have you ever seen a drug dependant baby or sat is court and watched a judge take a child away from one or both parents or watched loving grandparents plead for custody of their grandchild(ren)?  Not a pretty sight.  Grandparents raising their adult children and grandchildren is common.  Again not a pretty thing.  Our old and tired generation needs to get up off of its assets and volunteer and help and help. 

In closing, this is not the Fabulous 50's of our innocent youth.  I am blessed beyond what I ever dreamed of because of love, family, health (which could be better), and my baby girl, Hannah Simone, whose photos are attached.