Collier Summers

I plan to make this bio. more like a time line at the beginning and end by sharing highlights of where I am now.

After SHS I toured with The Merrymen in the Greatest Show of Stars 1960. The Merrymen, if you don't remember, was a folk singing group formed in our senior year. We won a talent competition in NYC sponsored by Coca-Cola  and a record contract with Decca Records. The group was made up of Jim Reed, Vann Cleveland, myself and Don Thomas (guitar). We were on the road with such musical stars as Fabian, Brenda Lee, Chubby Checker, Duane Eddy and a host of other musicians popular in the 60's. We did 36 one-nighters with some matinees thrown in. The tour was rigorous and took its toll by causing us to split up after returning to NYC. Don Thomas remained in NY and was successful as a songwriter and studio musician.

I returned to Sarasota, went to MJC for 3 semesters, transferred to USF in Tampa, graduated in 1966 and taught elementary school in Tampa for 2 years. In the interim was married to another teacher. We moved to Boone, N.C. where I attended Appalachian State University. I earned a masters degree and stayed on to teach psychology for a year. We birthed a daughter while there (Stephanie).

We then moved to Jacksonville, FL where I took a position as counselor and professor of psychology at what is now called Florida State College at Jacksonville. I earned a doctorate in education in 1975, was treated well, and retired from there after 35 years. During the years between 1970 and 1980 I divorced from my first wife and married the love of my life(30 years so far). Karen and I have birthed 2 children, Katherine and Christian, born in l980 and 1982, respectively.

We are proud of our 3 children and their accomplishments. Stephanie, the oldest, is a first grade teacher in Tampa and has gifted us with 2 wonderful grand children. Katherine received a degree from New College in Sarasota and has taught 2 years in China and will teach in S. Korea in the fall. Christian received bachelors and masters degrees from FSU and works for the State in Tallahassee. The 2 grandchildren are Noah and Makenna and those of you who have grandchildren know how special they are.

I retired in 2005 and absolutely love my position in life. My wife, Karen, still teaches piano in a studio at our home  and music has been an integral part of our life. We both are singers and have performed often in madrigal groups, musical theater and other venues. I play tennis regularly and golf, not so regularly and my score reflects it. I enjoy fishing and live near the beach where I fish in the surf.
I took up pottery some years back and find it a great hobby.

Needless to say I have lived a rich, fruitful, and thoroughly enjoyable life. I look forward to seeing all of you at the reunion.

The photos are my two daughters, my son, Karen and I and the young ones in Ireland at the Cliffs of Moher.