Barbara Wenger Nordstrom

High School years were sometimes difficult for me.  Music was my first love and I thought of little else.  Mr. A.J. Wright was such a mentor and positive role model for me during those years of uncertainty.  I am eternally grateful to him for that.  I had a ball with my two best friends, Sharon Ellett and Marilyn Myer.  Sharon has passed away, but Marilyn still lives and we stay in touch.
After leaving school I married and had two wonderful children, Brian and Becky.  They were the joy of my life, that is until I was presented with three terrific grandchildren.  I readily made room for all of them in my heart.  Brian and wife Dana live in Texas, while Becky and family reside near us in Clearwater, FL.
I decided to complete my education and graduated from nursing school in 1969.  We moved to West Palm Beach, where I worked for a medical pool.  Mostly I did private nursing for people like Mrs. Rose Kennedy, Greg Allman, Mrs. Warner (Warner Bras), etc.  I have many interesting stories from those days!
I was 33 years old when my husband passed away.  He was an itinerant Evangelical Evangelist, meaning that we traveled, conducting church meetings where we were invited.  My work schedule was flexible, so I was able to travel with him.  After his death I had to decide how I would support my children, who were 9 and 11 years old.  Our family were all very musical and loved to sing and play musical instruments together.  I thought perhaps we could travel to scheduled places and present musical concerts.  My love for music won the indecision, and so it was that we "hit the road".  My two children, my mother and me, along with our two dogs, sang our way to nearly every US state and to 30 foreign countries.  Since we were three generations, we went under the name "The Generation Singers".  We did a lot of TV and radio work throughout the US, Canada, and Great Britain, and somehow we managed to produce three record albums during those years.  Most of our travels were made in our 31 foot motor home.  We were quite a sight then.  I have so many hilarious stories from the 10 years we traveled.  As I look back I wouldn't change a thing!
After my children left home for college, I moved to Denver, CO. to work with another ministry. It was there in 1984 that I met Mr. Wonderful, Don Nordstrom.  Don is a quiet, strong man who keeps his word and loves his God.  We married in 1986.  He was an aerospace machinist and worked on the Hubble project, along with many other secret projects.   Some of his work is in the Smithsonian in DC. When I'd ask about his work, he used to say, "if I tell you, I have to kill you".  I quit asking!
In 1997 we moved to West Virginia to direct a christian retreat center I had helped begin in 1970.  We also worked among to impoverished people of Appalachia.  Don did free repairs for many families.  I decorated wreaths and sold them, using the funds to pay rent, dental bills, etc. for those in need.  In November 2009 we moved to Clearwater to be near my aged parents.  Two years ago, in West Virginia, I began a small candy business.  After we moved here I decided to start it up and have done so.  My daughter and I make five flavors of fudge, soft caramels and nougat.  If you want the world's best candy, call me! (smile)
It's really difficult to squeeze 50 years on a small page, but I have done my best.  Life is wonderful, even the struggles we have from time to time.  God has been good!  I look forward to seeing you at the Reunion in October.