Ed White

The last two years of High School were very hectic for me. I went to school, then to work each and every day at the Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

After graduation, I enrolled in Manatee Jr. College, and got my A.A. degree in 1962.

I worked again for awhile and then attended U of Fla. in 1963-1964.

Went to work in February of 1964 and worked for the same Corporation until 1994. Held many varied positions, from manager, supervisor, Accounting Mgr. Accounting Supervisor , Assistant Controller, Area Sales Rep. Buyer/Merchandiser, Data Applications Manager in Corporate offices.

I qualified for early retirement and went to work at a few other places after that. Sold my family house in Sarasota in 1996 and moved to Brandon, Florida in 1997.

Married a girl who was 6 yrs younger than me and we divorced in 1985. Re-married in 1999 and am still married.

Had a girl and a boy in the first marriage. Daughter is a school teacher in Tampa, Son is an Executive Sales Rep for a large A/C company.

Have three grandchildren and my daughter has two foster children.

We raised poodles since 1999 and have ten dogs currently. Two are totally blind, but don't know it. and one is partially blind. We do not believe in putting our dogs down, unless absolutely necessary.

Don't know if I will be attending the reunion or not, depends on our health etc.

Been fun reading about some of my fellow graduates and reconnecting with some also.

May God bless each and every one.