Anne Reiche Kells
(from Stepson Michael)

Dear Friends and Family,
As many of you know, Annie has been battling a serious illness for the better part of the last year, during which time the illness became much more aggressive. It is has been extremely difficult for Annie and she has fought hard to regain her health. Last night Annie lost that fight.  She is now at peace and will have a chance to finally rest. She is in a better place and will now get to catch up with Fred, no doubt in a high quality Irish pub.
We appreciate all of the cards, notes and emails that you sent -- we read them all to her and she loved them. We will be organizing a Celebration of Annie's life within a few months, most likely in South Florida as this is where she requested we have the event. We will give everyone who would like to attend at least a month's notice. If anyone would like to send pictures along via email or regular post, please send them to us and we will use them in the tribute. In lieu of flowers we ask that you make a donation to the American Cancer Society for Breast Cancer Research, as Annie has long been a supporter of this great organization.
I would especially like to thank my wife Vanessa, her mother Norma and her father Lou along with my brother Kevin for all the support in helping Annie. You were there at every turn and I could not have made it through this without your constant support, Thank You. I know Annie feels the same way.
Life is grand and amazing, but it is never easy, it throws you plenty of curves. Annie came in to my life when I was 15 and Kevin was 13 -- yes, a very long time ago.  She helped us tremendously, joining our family at such a critical time after we had lost our mother. We have always called Annie our mother, and as our mom she helped both Kevin and me get to where we are in our lives.  For that we will both be eternally grateful.
We will be creating a Legacy page by Sunday for you to share your memories of Annie. Please forward this to anyone that you would like that is not included here and may have been a friend of Annie's.
Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers these past few months and we hope to see you all when we have the celebration.
Warm Regards,
Michael Kells
(Address/Phone available upon request)